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Our team of experienced coaches will take it from there.

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Our one hour group classes includes mobility, a warm-up, strength or skill development and a constantly varied Workout Of the Day. We also offer yoga, classes for kids and teens, and more.

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We have classes scheduled all throughout the day. All you have to do is show up. Our coaches will take it from there.

What Makes Us Different?

At CrossFit Buckroe Beach, we believe in quality coaching and small class sizes. Although we believe there are many great coaching programs out there, no one knows our athletes strengths, weaknesses and potential like we do. We care about you and improving your quality of life.

What to Expect

  1. Small class size.
  2. Experienced coaches who care.
  3. A friendly atmosphere.
  4. Hard work but a lot of fun!
Group Class Workout

My journey at Crossfit Buckroe Beach began from a place I’m sure many can relate to. I was always very intimated by the idea of joining a gym and had the mentality that you had to be in shape to walk the the door. Thankfully a friends and family day popped up and a current member told me to just show up….that’s the hardest part. She was completely correct!

I couldn’t run a quarter mile at the time, let alone complete a full workout as prescribed, but the staff and members have been amazing!! Every person that walks in the door regardless of age, experience, athleticism or strength is guided through a journey to better themselves and reach their own goals.

I was not only extemely overweight, but terribly stressed and dealing with medical issues. They helped me work through major heart rate concerns, and I am no longer on blood pressure medication. I am personally able to do things I have never done in my life. I can now run miles without stopping and push myself in difficult workouts.

No matter what happens during the day, I always feel better after going to the gym. The best part is the supportive community of like-minded, family oriented people all working to make each other better. It is priceless to myself and my family.

Lisa Farrell

Crossfit Buckroe Beach Member