Group Classes

Group Class fun

Our Group CrossFit classes provide personal attention including modifications to meet the needs of every individual and athlete. Regular classes include a warm-up, strength training and programming that is varied each day. Coaches provide guidance on techniques and opportunities for challenge during every class as well as working with members to meet their personal fitness goals and to address pain, injuries or areas of weakness.

Tone Classes

Tone Class

The Tone class is a 1 hour class designed for athletes 50 & up to increase muscular and cardiovascular endurance. The group class includes body weight movements such as air squats and push ups, and includes dumbbell and kettlebell workouts.


Kids Classes

Ages 5-9 (accompanied by an adult).

We have two classes per week just for our littlest members. CrossFit Kids is a great way to get your kids moving and developing healthy habits.


Teens class

Ages 9 and up.

Upon completion of our introductory course and clearing Head Coach Chelsea’s assessment, teen athletes are welcome to participate in our regular CrossFit classes and other programming. If you are looking for opportunities for your teen to build strength for extracurricular activities in a safe, fun, family environment, CrossFit Buckroe Beach is the place for you – and for them!


Nutrition Coaching

Upon joining all members have access to nutrition counseling. We offer free one-on-one sessions on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 10am. More in-depth coaching and meal plans are available upon appointment.